DMCM Robert L. Witherow, USN

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DMCM Robert L. Witherow, USN

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DMCM Robert Lee Witherow, USN

1/22/1928 - 3/13/2011

It is with great sadness we inform you of the passing of Bullfrog number two, DMCM Robert Lee Witherow, who shared the Bullfrog title jointly with Rudy Boesch. Bob graduated in Class 6 (Little Creek) on 12 January 1951, and served as a joint Bullfrog from August 1981 until he retired in August 1985.

Bob was born in Clearfield County, PA and enlisted in the Army in 1946 after graduating from high school in Clymer, PA. During his time in the Army, he served on several USAT (U.S. Army Transport) ships in the Pacific. He returned to Pennsylvania after his tour on board the USAHS Comfort, attended technical school, and joined the Naval Reserve.

In November, 1950, he was called into active duty and assigned to Underwater Demolition 22 and subsequently volunteered and graduated from UDTR. Following graduation, Bob served in UDT-2 and UDT-21 where he was the mainstay in the OPS Department for many years. He completed his 35-year career as the Personnel Officer of the Special Boat Squadron TWO.

Bob was extremely active in intramural sports. In 1976, he joined the Little Creek Intramural Volleyball Team and soon was a member of the US Volleyball Association. He played against teams all over the country. He became a coach of the NAVPHIBASE "Gators" and took his team to the 1977 All Navy Tournament Championship. After retiring, he became one of the most respected volleyball referees in Virginia Beach.

In June 1954, Bob married Jean Ann Vasbinder who preceded him in death in September 1992. They lived in Virginia Beach for 55 years and were active members of Haygood Methodist Church. Bob was an avid gardener and created cuttings from his beautiful gardens to give plants to his church and its members.

He is survived by one sister, Katherine Mae Rodgers; two brothers, John Campbell Witherow and Dale Anthony Witherow;13 nieces and nephews; and 11 great nieces and nephews.

Bob was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Garden of the Good Shepherd, Indiana, PA with military honors on March 24, 2011.
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