Death of Linda Norgrove

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Death of Linda Norgrove

Mensaje por doc_breacher el Sáb 29 Oct 2011 - 4:48

Linda Norgrove, a Scottish aid worker, and three Afghan colleagues were kidnapped by members of the Taliban in Kunar Province, eastern Afghanistan, on 26 September 2010. The three kidnapped Afghan aid workers were released by the Taliban on 3 October 2010 while negotiations over Norgrove's release were ongoing. After concerns that Norgrove would be killed or moved by her captors, The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), commonly known as DEVGRU and informally by its former name SEAL Team Six (ST6) conducted a pre-dawn rescue attempt on a Taliban mountain hideout on 8 October 2010 during which she was killed.

A joint official investigation by United Kingdom and United States concluded that Norgrove had died from a grenade thrown by one of the rescuers. A coroner's narrative verdict was recorded in February 2011 that stated Norgrove had died during a failed rescue attempt.

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Re: Death of Linda Norgrove

Mensaje por Hell_Noize el Sáb 29 Oct 2011 - 4:54

Joder que mala suerte...

en fin, RIP.


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Re: Death of Linda Norgrove

Mensaje por SiX el Sáb 29 Oct 2011 - 5:33

Estas cosas también pasan Sad

"Que le den por culo al Pato Mickey"

Keep Low. Move Fast. Kill First. Die Last. One Shot. One Kill. No Luck. Pure Skill.

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Re: Death of Linda Norgrove

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