SEAL Teams looking for Fleet Sailors to fulfill support roles

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SEAL Teams looking for Fleet Sailors to fulfill support roles

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SEAL Teams looking for Fleet Sailors to fulfill support roles


By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class William S. Parker , Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Public Affairs

Duty in a Navy SEAL Team is a challenging yet career enhancing opportunity for fleet Sailors, and the SEAL community desires more technicians to support their challenging missions overseas. The only problem is that most Sailors in the fleet don’t know about the opportunities that exist within Naval Special Warfare. “Every support Sailor here, wants to be in this community,” said Senior Chief Electronics Technician (EXW/SW/AW) Shawn Bissell, who has spent almost 17 years working at teams and units within Naval Special Warfare. “We want Sailors who will step up, because here, everybody has experience and everyone has an idea and they’re all important in earning the trust and faith of the war fighter, and that truly makes you an asset”. Naval Special Warfare support technicians currently make up approximately 3,600 personnel; among them are 49 enlisted rates, in addition to the SEAL and SWCC operators in the force. The number of support technicians in Naval Special Warfare has grown by more than 1000 Sailors since 9/11, and is projected to grow by another 1000 Sailors in the coming years. According to Bissell, an ideal Naval Special Warfare support Sailor possesses a mix of motivation, initiative, experience, and a dab of enhanced Special Operations rely heavily on support technicians to complete complex and challenging missions, and there are several key traits that leaders throughout the community look for in Sailors interested in working with Naval Special Warfare. “They have to be physically fit, personable, adaptable, highly motivated, and have a true passion for their job,” said Personnel Specialist 1st Class (SW) Shimere Price, a two-year NSW support technician. “Coming into this community you’ve got to understand people depend on you every day, you must be willing to sacrifice time, and you have to be able to work independently,” said Price. For Price, this means Sailors who want to support SEALs must rise to the challenge of working in an ever-changing work environment. Chief Cryptologic Technician (Networks) (EXW) Daniel Gray agrees. “The best part about coming to work is that every day is truly a new day,” said Gray. “One day you’re in your office and the next you’re flying somewhere to do training.” Sailors say they must take the initiative to be the subject matter experts in their respective fields, and be flexible in their support to the operators. “You don’t always do exactly what your job is; you are more or less expected to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” said Utilitiesman 1st Class (SCW/EXW) Kiel Dahlke, an Seabee who has deployed with numerous SEAL squadrons. “You are expected to know your job through and through, as well as the soldiering skills and anything that comes up.” Support personnel are also attracted to the close-nit family-oriented atmosphere of the Naval Special Warfare community. “When you step into the community you not only become a member of the NSW family, but the NSW family does everything it can to take care of yours,” said Religious Program Specialist 1st Class Gina Campbell, a three-year NSW veteran. “While the Sailors are away on deployment or training, we do everything we can to keep their families informed and together with retreats, spouse nights, and picnics. You name it, we do it.” The concept of “team” is highly reflected in the NSW community and is the basis for every evolution, according to Campbell. “Team work is the key to our success; we all work toward that common goal from the lowest ranking Sailor to the highest ranking person,” said Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class (EXW) Matt Daniels, a three year NSW support technician. “With that work ethic, it makes us a better asset on the battlefield and a force multiplier for the special operators we support.”

SIDEBAR Sailors interested in working in Naval Special Warfare should contact their career counselors and detailers for advice and guidance. Most positions require Sailors to be deployable or eligible for sea duty.

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