Navy SEALs speak to students at Norfolk State University

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Navy SEALs speak to students at Norfolk State University

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By MC2 Trevor Andersen, NSWG2 Public Affairs.

Army and Navy ROTC students lined the walls while students, veterans and active military took their seats for the Norfolk State University Veterans’ Day observance. The audience stood in reverence as the NSU Joint Color Guard paraded the colors, and the master of ceremonies introduced their guest speaker, Lt. Jason C. Redman (SEAL). Redman was injured in combat, along with two of his teammates, in Iraq when his team came under heavy machine-gun and small-arms fire. Despite being hit numerous times, Redman and his team won the fight and were able to make it home alive. While he was recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Redman posted a sign outside his door that gained him national attention. The sign became a statement for wounded warriors everywhere. It hangs in the wounded ward at the medical center. "The truth is," said Redman, "I am thankful for these scars because I know they mean that my family, my friends and all of you, hopefully will never have to wear them. I proudly wear them for you." The torch of American freedom has burned for 234 years, Redman said. "Thousands have willingly sacrificed their own flames of freedom to ensure the flames of all Americans' would never be extinguished by the winds of terrorism. "Thankfully, there are those of us who wear the uniform; who are entrusted with an oath and presented at the start of our military careers with a part of the flame to keep the torch of American Freedom always burning.” He then asked the audience to take time to thank a service member at every opportunity. Redman concluded by issuing a challenge to every American. "Three years ago, against all odds, I brought my Torch of Freedom back from Iraq. I pass it on to all of you here today," he said. "What will you do with yours
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